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​After describing myself countless times to friends both old and new, I have decided that my outlook on life is nothing short of skewed. Not in the sense of being surreal or lofty beyond reach, but inspired and purposeful past sometimes even my own comprehension. My goal in life is to fulfill childhood fantasies that so many people have written off as impractical or impossible, and to live an extraordinary life rather than to simply exist. To me, stories are currency and those that captivate and create emotion, whether it be happiness, laughter or pride, are among the most valuable resources one can have.


Today, authentic storytelling is more important than ever. There is tremendous competition for our attention and the first impression is vital, whether it be through Facebook, Instagram, photography, a website landing page, a logo, even a video thumbnail. Audiences seek out content and brands they believe in. No matter the medium, authenticity is the key to successful storytelling. I apply this belief in my overarching approach for social media, content, branding, and marketing strategies.  


I learned how to walk, ride a bike and think for myself on my family's resort in northern Minnesota, Bowen Lodge, and it continues to have a tremendous influence on me every day.

The support of my friends and family is a priceless possession, and for that I am forever grateful.


To life!

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